AK38 Female Smart Watch (IP67)-Solid Stainless Band

Ak38 Color
Rose Gold Silver
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Wristband Size


Product Size


Product Material

Zinc Alloy+IML Injection Molding Process

Wristband Material

Liquid Silica Gel


Bluetooth 5.2

Screen Size

1.77 Inch






IOS 10.0 or Above / Android 5.0 or Above

Adaptation Method

Cab be used independently or connected to wearfit pro app at the same time


English, Chinese, Arabic, French, Germa, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Turkish, Greek, Latin, Romanian, Vietnamese, Danish

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AK38 Female Smart Watch

Female Smart watch Fashion ladies meet elegance

Solid Stainless Band

AK38 Smart watch Fashion ladies meet elegance

Gentle and beautiful arc, let girl fall in love with wearing AK38 smart watch

The high-tech produce watch shell, light and strong,  looks precise and flawless especially with texture. The crystal clear touch echoes with literal colors, add more visual beauty and make it fresher and beautiful.

AK38 Smart Watch Gentle and beautiful arc

AK38 Smart Watch Help You know Your health Always

Anytime, know your health states from Ak38, art style health data, simple design, let your know your healthy any time, anywhere!

Ak38 Smart Watch your health always

24-hours heart rate monitoring caring heart health expert

Real-time monitoring of blood pressure changes to understand yourself more intuitively, the intensity of exercise contributes to heathly exercise.

AK38 heart rate

Massive Morden Dial Pattern

Connect to mobilephone app, you can change dial pattern from hundred different morden patter to fit your each day mood, your cloths, your handbag.

AK38 massive morden dial pattern

Custom Watch Face

How about put your photos or your lover photos on screen as wallpaper? Connect by app your change any photos you wish to put it on AK38 smart watch as customized wallpaper.

HW57 Pro Blood Sugar

Special Period Recording

More caring than boyfriend

Easily record menstrual time and physical symptoms

Provid thoughtful tips, no need to beark your finger again

ak38 smart watch special period recording

Multiple Sports Mode

Accurate sensor, used to record and analyze exercise data, mileage, heart rate card road sports conditions such as internal consumption, make sports more interesting and efficient.

AK38 Female Smart Watch Multiple Sports Mode

Scientific sleep monitoring sleep quality

Accurately monitor the sleep states - deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement period, etc. Sleep characteristics of different periods, and analyze sleep quality to help you adjust sleep habits, create higher quality sleep.

AK38 femle smart watch help create high quality sleep

Easy to connect to Bluetooth to play music

The watch is connected to the mobile phone via bluetooth, which can control the music playback of the mobile phone you can switch your favorite music tracks at will, adjust the volume watch the interface changes to the music switching interface.

AK38 female smart watch music bluetooth control play

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