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Unmia offers understated, yet distinctive earbuds designs that integrate seamlessly into a contemporary environment. Founded in 2016 by Leo Lv, a creative business entrepreneur with an appetite to build a brand where beautiful sound are not sacrificed, that defines its individuality through pushing commercial and creative realities.

 UNMIA | Good Sound to You Directly 

Respecting Morden Technology

(but breaking traditional markups)

Welcome to the new era of earbuds with UNMIA. We say no to the traditionally inflated prices with no middleman, no wholesalers, and no retailers. Offering high-quality earbuds direct to you.

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Good Sound Worth Waiting For

UNMIA is defining the aspirational in a new era of good sound. Our earbuds are created in small, longtime runs and are designed to be morden and enjoyed every day. Our engineers alway try to find better audio algorithm and drum design, to offer you better and better sound to enjoy.


II.Distinctive Design

III.Fair Pricing

IIII.Good Service

IIIII.Good Sound