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Watch Weight


Product Color


Product Material

Smart Bracelet/Main metal, TPU Watchband

Wristband Material

Liquid Silica Gel, Steel, Leather


Bluetooth 5.1

Screen Size

1.28 Inch Colorful IPS






IOS 9.0+ or  Android 4.4+




English, Chinese, Arabic, French, Germa, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Turkish, Greek, Latin, Romanian, Vietnamese, Danish

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AK37 Smart Watch The beauty of future flow

1.28 inch high-definition touch screen, large curvature 3D glass surface mirror, polished through multiple processes, like jade. The table body is forged through multiple processes, which can resist daily small abrasion and sweat corrosion. The smooth bottom shell and special glass heart rate lens are polished as a whole, with a very linear contour design, and the fluid aesthetics is upgraded.

CK31 sport style smart watch

CK31 Smart Watch Slim and Tough HD

Screen High definition high brightness large screen brings clear visual experience on wrist Classic double crown stainless steel button Strong and wear-resistant, durable, long wear without amage

CK31 Smart Watch Slim and Tough HD

Excellent Design Interprets Aesthetics


Dial Pattern Change Virous Choice

Rich dial, meet the diversified aesthetic Match with your heart to show your personality trend

CK31 Smart Watch dial change

CK31 Smart Watch With Dual System UI

CK31 Smart Watch dual system ui

CK31 Smart Watch Music Playing

Bluetooth connection between mobile phone and watch can control the music playing function of mobile phone Switch up and down, pause / play, convenient and fast Operate freely and listen to the sound of nature

CK31 Smart Watch Music Playing

CK31 Smart Watch Can Touch Control Phone Call by Bluetooth

CK31 Smart Watch Touch Bluetooth call control

CK31 Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor

The smartphone app records the heart rate of each day Blood oxygen data were recorded. Change according to heart rate at any time Adjust the time and amount of exercise

CK31 Smart Watch heart rate monitor

CK31 Smart Watch 24 Hours Temperature Monitoring

The smart watch monitors the human body 24 hours in real time through the temperature sensor Wrist temperature, always know their health

CK31 Smart Watch 24 hours temperature monitoring

CK31 Smart Watch With Various Sports Modes

Preset a variety of sports training, intelligent record of the number of steps under the movement Heart rate, distance, calories, indoor or outdoor Record every day of self challenge

CK31 Smart Watch With Various Sports Modes

CK31 Smart Watch With IP67 Water Proof

IP67 waterproof design, suitable for daily life waterproof Wash your hands, get wet, etc. without taking off your watch Meet all the needs of daily life

CK31 Smart Watch With IP67 Water Proof

CK31 Smart Watch Low Consumption and Long Time Endurance

Low power chip, 200 Ma battery, super long use Optimized endurance, durable

CK31 Smart Watch Low Consumption and Long Time Endurance

CK31 Smart Watch Products Parameters

CK31 Smart Watch Product Parameters

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