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Watch Weight


Product Size


Product Material

Smart Bracelet/Main metal, TPU Watchband

Wristband Material

Liquid Silica Gel, Steel, Leather


Bluetooth 5.1

Screen Size

1.28 Inch Colorful IPS






IOS 9.0+ or  Android 4.4+




English, Chinese, Arabic, French, Germa, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Turkish, Greek, Latin, Romanian, Vietnamese, Danish

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AK37 Smart Watch Blue Tooth Control Phone Call

Original Design

Retina Full Screen Super Long Endurance

Health Management

Blue Tool Control Phone Call

App Dial Download Custom dial

Message Reminder 

Sports Guidance

AK37 Smart Watch Blue Tooth Control Phone Call

Fine products, starting from the tempering of details.

As a product, we pay attention to product details, integrate the concept of sports car into product design, cooperate with the spirit of multi-process polishing and exquisite carving, and show the beauty of industrial design.

AK37 Smart Watch Produce Details

AK37 Smart Watch The beauty of future flow

1.28 inch high-definition touch screen, large curvature 3D glass surface mirror, polished through multiple processes, like jade. The table body is forged through multiple processes, which can resist daily small abrasion and sweat corrosion. The smooth bottom shell and special glass heart rate lens are polished as a whole, with a very linear contour design, and the fluid aesthetics is upgraded.

AK37 Smart Watch The beauty of future flow

Make Phone Call by Blue Tooth

AK37 smart watch can make a call. It can connect with your mobile phone through BT, check the call record at the watch end, and select answer, reject or mute when an incoming call is made.

AK37 smart watch make phone call

Instant Messaging Know In Time

AK37 Smart Watch texting

All weather heart rate monitoring

Using imported optical heart rate and intelligent heart rate algorithm, both resting heart rate and exercise heart rate can be accurately monitored. Through scientifically quantified big data,you can see the daily heart rate curve and protect your physical and mental health.

AK37 Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitoring

AK37 Smart Watch blood oxygen monitoring

Continuous monitoring of blood oxygen saturation The changes of blood oxygen were monitored automatically for 24 hours. It can be viewed at any time in the blood oxygen card Historical blood oxygen data, master physical changes and know well.

AK37 Smart Watch blood oxygen monitoring

Always Pay Attention To Your Physical Condiition

This watch has a variety of new dials. In addition, there are a variety of personalized dials on the market, including a variety of dynamic dials. Not enough? Then import your favorite pictures from your mobile phone, DIY.

AK37 Smart Watch mutipule choose dial in app

AK03 Pro Monitor

AK37 Smart Watch fit your cloths with dial

Take a picture of today's wear and wear. The watch app customizes the dial and style for you Combination can give birth to infinite possibilities, suitable for both movement and static, just like today's collocation,

Put the dial on your body.

AK37 Smart Watch fit your cloths with dial

Variety of Exquisite Dials Pattern

The high-definition display is matched with a variety of exquisite dials,with different personalities and colors.Trendy and dynamic, smart andfresh,there are many exquisite dials on the dial market. There isalways one that suits you, go and pick the one you like.

AK37 Smart Watch Variety of Exquisite Dials Pattern

Multiple motion modes

AK37 Smart Watch multiple motion modes

AK37 Pro Smart Watch Music Play

Even if you pack light, you can enjoy wonderful music 

in sports. The watch can directly control the mobile 

phone, play, pause or switch music, and enjoy the 

sports experience accompanied by music.

AK37 Smart Watch blue tooth music

Know weather changes in real timetemperature measurement

Understand the temperature change in real time and 

deal with the bad weather in time. You can know it by

 looking at your watch.

AK37 Pro Smart Watch Know Weather Change Timely

Scientific sleep records complete sleep data

Real time sleep monitoring, sleep quality and big data analysis to score sleep quality.Combined with dynamic technology, it can accurately identify all kinds of sleep problems and provide personalized sleep services (deep sleep / light sleep / awake) to help you improve your sleep quality and have a good sleep easily.

AK37 Smart Watch sleep record

AK37 Smart Phone Fun Game Support

Fun games can entertain yourself at any time, so that you can have proper entertainment and relax in your busy work. Add energy to your life.

AK37 Smart Watch Fun Game

Magnetic suction charging Two week endurance

Fully charged, a week's business trip or travel, don't even remember to bring a charger.Endurance and explosiveness are online at the same time.

AK37 Smart Watch Wireless charging long time lasting

Use scenario IP67  waterproof and fearless  test

With a hard shell and durable strap, it is excellent in IP67 waterproof. With professional sports performance, it is not afraid of wind and rain!

AK37 Smart Watch IP67 Water Proof

It has all the convenience you want

Open a convenient new life, information calls, weather and other situational intelligent reminders, better grasp the pace of life, and be able to handle complicated work. Add energy to your life.

AK37 Smart Watch all convinient

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